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Transforming Spaces: Uni Design – Your Premier Remodeling Contractor

Since 1977, Uni Design has proudly served as your go-to local remodeling contractor, dedicated to revamping residential and commercial spaces with finesse. With a focus on windows, doors, siding, and a plethora of other remodeling services, we aim to elevate your property’s aesthetics and functionality.

A Legacy of Excellence

With a legacy spanning decades, Uni Design has been a trusted name in Greeley and surrounding areas. Our expertise extends to a multitude of remodeling tasks, including bathrooms, kitchens, additions, decks, patio covers, pergolas, basement finishes, trim carpentry, cabinets, tile work, prefinished flooring, vinyl flooring, engineered flooring, and various other residential remodeling services.

Unparalleled Expertise

At Uni Design, our team possesses the skills and proficiency to undertake comprehensive remodeling projects, catering to the unique needs and desires of each client. Whether you envision a modern kitchen revamp or desire a complete overhaul of your home’s exterior, our expertise ensures your project is executed flawlessly.

Specialized Services

Windows, Doors, and Siding Expertise

Windows and doors serve as the gateway to your home’s charm and security. Uni Design specializes in providing an extensive range of windows and doors suitable for every taste and requirement. Additionally, our adept team can expertly finish your siding job, adding a touch of sophistication and durability to your property’s exterior.

Comprehensive Remodeling Solutions

Turn-Key Residential & Commercial Design

Uni Design takes pride in offering turn-key solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you’re considering a home renovation or a revamp of your commercial establishment, our team’s expertise ensures a seamless and satisfactory transformation.

Supplying Building Products

Apart from our remodeling services, we also cater to DIY enthusiasts by supplying high-quality building products at incredibly competitive prices. We aim to support your projects by providing access to superior materials while assisting with professional guidance.

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Visit Our Showroom in Greeley

Feel free to visit our showroom in Greeley today to explore our wide array of remodeling options. Our expert team is ready to assist you in transforming your space into the vision you’ve always dreamed of.


Uni Design stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s enhancing the appeal of your home’s interior, fortifying its exterior, or supplying top-notch building products, we are your trusted remodeling partner.

Experience Excellence in Remodeling with Uni Design!


Embrace Excellence: Uni Design – Your Ultimate Remodeling Destination

At Uni Design, our dedication to providing unmatched remodeling services extends beyond mere craftsmanship. We prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that every project, from the smallest renovation to a full-scale remodeling endeavor, receives our utmost attention and expertise.

Unveiling Our Comprehensive Offerings

Crafting Dream Spaces

Our legacy revolves around transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens. Whether it’s a complete overhaul of your home or a selective enhancement, our team brings your vision to life with precision and finesse.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

From intricate trim carpentry to laying down flawless tiles, every aspect of your project receives meticulous attention. We understand that the smallest details can make the most significant impact, ensuring a finished product that exceeds expectations.

Exemplary Service & Quality Products

Expert Installation & Finishing

Uni Design’s professional team ensures an impeccable installation process. With years of experience, we guarantee a seamless fit for your windows, doors, siding, and other remodeling elements, ensuring longevity and functionality.

Supplying High-Quality Building Materials

For DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, Uni Design offers a wide selection of premium building materials. Our competitive pricing and commitment to quality enable you to execute your projects with superior products.

Creating Lasting Impressions – Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Personalized Consultations & Estimates

Connect with our team for personalized consultations and estimates. We understand that each project is unique, and our experts are here to guide you through the process, tailoring solutions to your specific needs and preferences.

Visit Our Showroom for Inspiration

Step into our Greeley showroom to explore a vast array of options. Experience firsthand the quality and variety of our products, allowing you to make informed decisions for your remodeling endeavors.

Uni Design – Your Partner in Remarkable Transformations

At Uni Design, we take pride in being more than just a remodeling contractor; we are your partners in creating spaces that resonate with style, functionality, and comfort.

Your Vision, Our Expertise – Let’s Begin Your Remodeling Journey!

Contact us today at 970-356-1398 or email us at associates@uni-design.com to embark on your remodeling journey with Uni Design.

Experience the Uni Design Difference – Elevating Homes, One Project at a Time!

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