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Whether you are looking for replacement vinyl, wood, or new construction windows, UNI Design offers expert advice and quality choices to fit your budget and style. LowE insulated glass and extruded chambers engineered for optimum energy efficiency provide superior insulation and strength. We have a wide selection of Energy Star™ popular brands in standard and custom sizes, wood or vinyl, with or without new  stained or painted trim, to make your home more maintenance free and comfortable. 

When shopping for estimates, we encourage you to compare the quality workmanship, factual data, and warranty service our company provides to our competitor’s.

Even though some of our competitors claim that they carry the only energy efficient windows or the “most” energy efficient windows, that simply is not true. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the NFRC and how their ratings work. Some of the ratings and how they are calculated would take a rocket scientist to figure out but in a nutshell, all quality windows rate very similar to one another in terms of energy efficiency. You can compare different window types by manufacturer to one another using the NFRC website here. You can also get a brief explanation of the ratings here.

With all quality windows rating very similar to one another what makes the difference from hiring one affordable company to another? Workmanship, how the windows are installed, and workmanship warranties.

We install replacement windows using nail fin installation procedures, which meet new building code requirements. The nail fin installation procedure allows for the window to be installed how it is intended to be installed with all of the proper flashing and sealants. Others cut out the old windows, install the new ones, and then caulk around the perimeter of the window. The only thing around the window frame preventing the exterior elements from penetration is a bead of caulking, which will eventually fail. It is important to understand the differences of the two installation procedures and to ask how others intend on installing your windows. Call us today and we will have a member of our sales staff give you a FREE in house estimate.